Anne Mortensen

Anne Mortensen

Dystopian Fiction


Rising World Series

The Truth Effect

In a near-future, when the Truth Laws require all news outlets to publish accurate information, discredited journalist Kelly Blackwell works to uncover the truth behind the arrest of her mentor, but in her clandestine investigation she discovers a wide ranging government AI surveillance program, throwing her into a deadly cat-and-mouse... read more "The Truth Effect"

The Arcadian Match

Book Two will be released February 2023 The Arcadian Match If you'd like an advanced review copy from January, please register your interest .... ARC Request for The Arcadian Match read more "The Arcadian Match"


And now for something completely different….

…This story is frighteningly believable. Mass surveillance is already a reality as is the increasing use of facial recognition software,… Read more “And now for something completely different….”

Goodreads Reviewer

Prairies Book Review

Un-put-downable…suspenseful, winding storyline while delving into themes of courage, perseverance, duty, greed, and control.

GoodReads Review

A true thought-provoking thriller of a ride….a real insight into just what might be loitering around the corner.

Readers Favorite

The Truth Effect (Rising World) deserves to be the dystopian novel of the year.

Vincent Dublado