What can I say?

Had a discussion with a fellow writer who (like me) is concerned about what to say and what not to say online.

Writers are some of the first to get it in the neck during changing political times. It’s just the way it is. Gulag Archipelago was written in a gulag for God’s sakes!

So, forget about all things political. What am I left with? Hmmm, let’s see. The finer points of writing craft (some very capable and talented writers are already talking about that). Non-writing related subjects like food, travel, gosh…how about my cat?

Do I want to talk about my cat? Post her all over my social media accounts. Cats are still acceptable, right? For the time being, yes. But for how long? Maybe in about five years, cats will be demonized or worse, be the mascot of the far right, like carrots have become the avatar for the jab because people are fearful about using the word J-A-B. Instead, we say carrot. Eventually, carrot will be outlawed.


I’ll eventually get over it but for now, I find myself unable to write more.

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