Anne Mortensen
The Truth Effect

The Truth Effect

The Truth Laws Take Effect.

A Government on a Mission

2030. England. News outlets are to publish verifiable information or face consequences.

She Investigates

Discredited journalist Kelly Blackwell receives classified information that could expose corruption in the ranks of the Elite Squad, enforcers of the Truth Laws.

Shadowy Figures Surveil

The Elite Squad pressures Kelly to back off.

She Discovers

Stress erodes Kelly’s belief in herself and in what she’s doing. Finding the truth gives her hope and the will to carry on.

She finds a story far bigger than she ever imagined.

The Hunt for the Truth Has Just Begun

And now for something completely different….

…This story is frighteningly believable. Mass surveillance is already a reality as is the increasing use of facial recognition software,… Read more “And now for something completely different….”

Goodreads Reviewer

Prairies Book Review

Un-put-downable…suspenseful, winding storyline while delving into themes of courage, perseverance, duty, greed, and control.

GoodReads Review

A true thought-provoking thriller of a ride….a real insight into just what might be loitering around the corner.

Readers Favorite

The Truth Effect (Rising World) deserves to be the dystopian novel of the year.

Vincent Dublado