Anne Mortensen
The Truth Effect

The Truth Effect

About the Book

Journalist Kelly Blackwell is entangled in a web of lies, and she’s willing to risk everything to uncover the truth.

But if she succeeds, will anyone believe her?

In the year 2030, the Truth Laws loom for the UK, and they grant the British Government unprecedented authority over online realms, transforming truth into their most perilous adversary.

Entrapped in this web of government-defined “truth,” a journalist finds herself tarnished by libel accusations. However, a lifeline appears in the form of classified information that holds the potential to exonerate her and dismantle the oppressive system. 

Amid a shattered connection during transmission, she embarks on a relentless pursuit, following a lone lead and enlisting the aid of skilled hackers in her quest to expose the labyrinth of corruption.

Un-put-downable…suspenseful, winding storyline while delving into themes of courage, perseverance, duty, greed, and control.

The Praries Book Review


Just across the road stood the State’s sparkling jewel, the INNS, the echo chamber. Glass and carbon and steel housed the system that transformed her thoughts into code and eventually into money at the end of the month. Wasn’t it Christopher Mallow who first branded it an echo chamber? Yes, it had been him. She could still hear the quiet, mocking anger in his voice as he pronounced the words.


Something completely different…This story is frighteningly believable. Mass surveillance is already a reality as is the increasing use of facial recognition software, government censorship of news and the rest. I won’t name names but we all know what I’m talking about. Yet this potentially dark story was also, in a way, aspirational and full of optimism that the truth will come out and is worth fighting for. Kelly and her allies were delightful, fierce and staunchly loyal.


A true thought-provoking thriller of a ride….a real insight into just what might be loitering around the corner.

John Derek

The Truth Effect (Rising World) deserves to be the dystopian novel of the year.

Vincent Dublado

As you join Kelly on her daring quest, you’ll be hooked by the electrifying suspense and heart-pounding twists.

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