The Oboes are Warming Up
The Oboes are Warming Up

The Oboes are Warming Up

In January, my sister was diagnosed with a medical issue that required a major operation. My family and I both knew she’d be fine, but recovery would take two months, and I elected to be with her while she healed. So, off I went to Chicago.

While there, I carved out morning hours to revise The Arcadian Match, book two of my Rising World series. In the afternoon, I did the cooking and attended to practical, household matters. But it wasn’t all hard labour, LOL!

While my sis healed, we had so much fun hanging out, talking about all sorts, watching Longmire on Netflix. We even squeezed in a practice photoshoot at the end of my time there.

I managed to finish The Arcadian Match, and my sis and I went out for a glass of wine to celebrate.

Three days later, I was in Israel with my husband, all jetlagged and battling a cold. Somehow, I squeezed in the wondrous sites of Jerusalem and Tel Aviv and Bethlehem—historical treasures. It was the second time I’ve been, and it won’t be the last.

I still have tons of photographs to edit, but here are a few:

Bringing out a book sometimes feels like managing an orchestra. I moan about it sometimes, but honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Through it all, the Arcadian Match is on track.

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