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The Arcadian Match

The Arcadian Match

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About the Book

A high stakes game where
reputations are traded like stocks

In the year 2032, Sweden is the first crime-free, eco-ideal nation. In this brave new world of social clubs and point scoring, many attribute the nation’s remarkable achievements to the introduction of the Q-scores.
Meet social media genius and unlikely hero, Christian Karlsson. He plays the Q-scores with the skill of a seasoned stockbroker, and he never fails to deliver. But when his friend falls to his death, it rocks the nation and Christian’s life is turned upside down.
His hunt for justice leads him into the murky web of the country’s oldest social club—rumored to be a secret society. With his back against the wall, Christian is forced to play a real-life game, the Arcadian Mach, and the outcome could shake the very foundations of the nation.

Equal parts high tension thriller and unnerving dystopian story, this layered tale utilizes a spectacular array of social media elements and components of SF and techno-thriller to explore complex themes of political power play, oppression, pedigree, freedom, the power of social media, the impact of hearsay, and the consequences of unchecked power.

The Praries Book Review


“Do me a favor and look into Arcadian Match—that’s the name of the game. You might have to search old text or digitally scanned rare books. See if such a game even exists.” He smiled at Max. “Next, I need you to activate O3 and apply it to Viktor Hansson.”
“Who?” Max said.

Christian smiled again. “Exactly. Viktor Hansson.”

Max eagerly grabbed his beer and sipped it. He licked off his foam mustache. “Go on.”

“Viktor has no public profile. He’s a blank slate as far as the public is concerned. No media accounts, no personality, no branding.”

“Is this guy even alive?”


The Arcadian Match is an intelligent, unique and enthralling novel. The scenario’s realistic nature and the true-to-life characters made for a hypnotic, impressive techno-sci-fi thriller.

John Derek

It was definitely the best book I’ve read this year, and I couldn’t have predicted the outcome. It was really refreshing to read something so different.

Michelle Fairchild

Fantastic read!

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