Launch Day of Harry’s “Spare”
Launch Day of Harry’s “Spare”

Launch Day of Harry’s “Spare”

It is notoriously challenging to get a book launch off the ground. So many things could go wrong, especially for a debut work by a first-time author. Every publicist dreams of launches at Waterstones, Piccadilly: queues around the corner, national press clamour to get in, ten meter long lines to the tills, at least two passionate readers fighting over the last copy. When the publicist’s head hits the pillow later that night, awash with success, she dreams of the morning’s headline:

Fastest selling book since Harry Potter!

But if your client has intimate knowledge of the most revered institution of the nation, there’s no need to dream. Such scenes would be dead cert, right?

Not if your name is Harry.

The book launch of Harry’s Spare took place at Waterstone’s flagship store in Piccadilly, can’t-get-more-central-than-that London.

In wild anticipation of those queues, a live feed, pointed at the entrance of Waterstones, aired on YouTube.

At 9 AM, there were too few people to count. The few who were present supported telephoto lenses—and they were probably wondering why. Despite the book’s RRP being reduced by 50%, not a line to a till was in sight.

Worst book launch ever.

According to The Bookseller and Worcester News, John Cotterill, non-fiction category manager for Waterstones, said: “Spare is one of the biggest pre-orders for Waterstones in a decade and we have seen unprecedented numbers of click-and-collect orders today.”

On the ground:

—The City of London is circulating memes of Harry’s latest idiocy.

—My British Republican friend (a Brit who believes the monarchy should go) expressed his disdain for Harry’s latest antics.

—My London-based American friend can’t even bring herself to hate-read the book.

—Many have voted by turning their backs.

Harry and his wife have relentlessly attacked this country’s most revered institution—the monarchy—upholder of the nation’s history, tradition, custom, and inner strength, and I don’t buy the “Harry is as dumb as a doornail” argument as the reason.

When the first plane went into the North Tower, people first considered it a plane that tragically veered off course. When the second plane hit the South Tower, everyone knew it was a deliberate attack.

Harry’s umpteenth attack—a well planned and co-ordinated attack, if you ask me—is having a similar effect on the people here, and the British are closing ranks.

Even Donald Trump knew that if he was going to be accepted by this country, he needed to bow to the Queen and respect the Family. He did. Harry, on the other hand, is deliberately burning his bridges, and much else.

If Harry thinks he will receive even a cold welcome in his home country, he needs to think again.

Update: Reuters reported that Spare “…became the UK’s fastest selling non-fiction book ever, its publisher said on Tuesday.”

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